Hayley's last day IN PERSON in MN will be June 16th 2023. Thank you all for your support in MN

 Group Classes with Hayley Kava PT, MPT

It's A Lot 

All the things you HAVE to do. 

You know you "should" take care of supporting your pelvic health, but it's just so easy for the mental toll of that to be too much. 

What exercises should I do? 

Where is that sheet from my PT again? 

Ugh, I'll start tomorrow

I feel it too. 

It's why I want to take it off your shoulders. 

It's why I decided to put together this 6 week series of pelvic floor classes

For the person who doesn't want to have to make one more decision.

For the person who wants to show up, have me in your ear and get it done 

 In 6 weeks you won't even recognize your relationship with your pelvic floor. 

January Registration NOW OPEN

January Series Starts January 4th 

Runs until Feb 8th 

Currently releasing Wednesday at 2pm and 4pm EST 

Will add a second day and additional times with demand 

Nope! You do what feels best for you! 

The beauty of this style of LIVE class is that I can watch and cue form in real time. 

I can also answer questions LIVE and make adjustments to the exercises based on what you might need that day. 

But, if camera off is what you need. That's 100% cool too! 

If you can't make a class LIVE, no worries. You will be sent the replay! 

Each week you will get access to the LIVE CLASS as well as the recording of the live class

After each class I will send out a summary page of the concepts and exercises we worked on. So, if you had a favorite movement you could watch again and do it again that week between classes 

I will also send out "daily essentials" each week. Quick and easy ideas, movements or check-ins to help maintain your class progress and bring pelvic health into your day to day life with minimal effort. 

The investment for the 6 week series is $179.99 USD which works out to about $30/class

I am not offering single class options because part of the magic in this  process is the progress we will put together week to week 




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