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The Pelvic Balance Series

 Group Classes with Hayley Kava PT, MPT


4 Week Mini Series February 26- March 22 . 2 30 min classes per week PAY WHAT YOU CAN for ALL CLASSES! No suggested minimum. My only ask is that you share... lets get these floors balanced!

Pelvic Balance: Pressure and Tension 


4 week Mini series! 

Feb 26-March 20 

Hayley Kava PT, MPT, PRC 

This series is my flagship class! 

This is where you will learn ALL the essentials of breath, pressure, and pelvic balance and progressive strength to support a happy, healthy pelvic floor from the outside in. 

Over 175 women have now taken this series and I am so excited for the pelvic balance revolution to continue to grow! 

It's why this series is PAY WHAT YOU CAN. I want as many people to take this class as possible. 

Maybe I'm losing my mind. But this just felt right. 

LIVE Monday and Wednesday 9-9:30 am CST 


Each week there are special topics and discussions and education on various pelvic floor concerns. 

You will also have access to the Pelvic Balance Community page where we have challenges, and can connect with others! 

All sessions are recorded and available forever if you cannot attend LIVE 


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Pelvic Balance Yoga:

Lauren Anderson 


Four Week Series

Feb 28- Mar 22 

Lauren is a Yoga instructor, personal trainer and has her masters in exercise physiology. 

While passionate about the benefits of prenatal, post partum and perimenopausal fitness and yoga. She understands the benefits of the integration of whole body including mind support for pelvic wellness, balance and health. 

Lauren will be leading 4 weeks of "Pelvic Balance Yoga" that is suitable for all levels! 

Pelvic Balance Yoga will Meet at 9:30 am CST Wednesdays and Fridays 


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"I decided to take Hayley's course at 16 months postpartum. I am so glad that I did, and honestly, wish I could/would have sooner! I wasn't able to make it to any of the live zoom calls, but that did not alter how great this course was. Hayley makes the reason why behind the exercises easy to understand and explains/demonstrates the exercises step by step. There is so much information and knowledge shared. As the weeks go on it is easy to see how the exercises build on each other. I love how this course explains typical asymmetries and lays out exercises for them, while also acknowledging that we are each individuals and to see how exercises feel for you on different sides of your body. The whole body approach that this course takes is invaluable and really makes you realize that strengthening and connecting to different muscles really helps your pelvic floor not have to do all the work. This course is an amazing resource that I will be constantly turning back to and working through to continue to strengthen and rehab my pelvic floor alongside regular strength training. After seeing how awesome this course was I jumped on the opportunity to continue along with pelvic balance plus and can't wait."

Testimonial- Pelvic Balance Pressure and Tension

"After having my first baby, I was feeling very disconnected to my body and getting back to fitness felt like a long road. Hayley's P&T course eased my knackered post-partum PF back into springy action week by week. Hayleys focus on breath and form has developed my understanding of how the PF functions."

Testimonial- Pelvic Balance Pressure and Tension

"I really enjoyed Hayley’s class! It is perfect for those who might be a little hesitant to start moving their bodies or diving into impact exercises postpartum. She gives you confidence that more challenging exercise is possible, and even beneficial, for your body! Also appreciate how her concepts can be easily incorporated into common exercises or programs!"

Testimonial- Pelvic Balance Pressure and Tension

"Due to my schedule, I was not able to attend any of the classes live but I felt like I was apart of the action with the recordings. I honestly was a bit skeptical about going into the class, wondering how this could be much different than workouts on Pinterest or even the free info Hayley shares on IG, but this was soooo in depth, focusing in on nuances of the left and right side of our body and detailed instructions to make sure we were not just ‘doing the motion’ but also engaging the correct set of muscles and getting the most out of our workout time."

Pelvic Balance Series

"I’ve worked with Hayley in courses and 1 on 1, and it has been so helpful! Not only in my pelvic floor healing journey but nervous system and general pains as well. I’ve learned techniques that I can incorporate into other exercises or substitute, but most importantly I feel confident in my body again. I know that with Hayley’s guidance that I can lift heavy, jump, and run and that a flare up in symptoms doesn’t mean I am broken - it just means that I need to be more mindful and go back to the basics. These classes are excellent for anyone, and also a great tool for clinicians to learn more about moving mindfully for pelvic health."

Pelvic Balance Plus

"Hayley’s pelvic balance series has been amazing! As a fellow physical therapist I needed someone with a different approach to help address the root of my pelvic floor tension. I know as I continue to work through the weeks and stay consistent Hayley’s exercises will continue to help. She does an incredible job answering questions and providing a detailed summary of the exercises after each week. So thankful for her sharing her knowledge in this class!"

Pelvic Balance Series

"I’m about 1 year postpartum from my first baby and am still navigating some symptoms with my pelvic floor and SIJ. I’ve learned so much from Hayley in Pressure and Tension and feel confident moving forward with the exercises and concepts she teaches. Hayley is great at distilling complex topics down into easy to understand (and implement!) strategies. I’ll definitely be recommending this series to other friends having pelvic floor related issues."

Pelvic Balance Series

"I have been on a “journey” with pelvic floor health and education since I had surgery over 2 years ago. I’ve learned a lot about the connection between the diaphragm and the pelvic floor although kegels have always been involved, I was still symptomatic no matter how hard I tried! After the first 2 weeks of this course my body has “shifted” my understanding has “shifted” I’m still practising week 4 because I’m getting so much out of that session, so I appreciate that I can complete in my own time :) Hayley has changed my life, that is no exaggeration, I’m no longer fixating on pelvic issues or holding tension all day long and I’m not even finished the course!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart Hayley…….if Ilived in the states I would hunt you down to hug you😂"

Pelvic Balance Series

"After 3 kids in under 3 years, my prolapse symptoms were feeling frustrating and out of my control. Hayley’s series gives me the confidence to nurture my body and alleviate symptoms in ways that work with my body holistically. Hayley is the best and most creative pelvic health professional I’ve worked with! I recommend this series to everyone who has a pelvis."

Pelvic Balance Pressure and Tension

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