"Studio U"

Inside the Towers of West End 

1550 Utica Ave Suite LL01

St. Louis Park, MN 55416


 Phone: 910-583-3173 

FAX: 612-314-8442

[email protected]


Getting to the Studio  

Getting into "Studio U" for your 1:1 session can be a bit of a challege so I will detail getting to the space here! 

  • The 1550 Utica Ave S address will take you to the front of the "Towers of West End" 
  • The parking structure of the building is located behind the building on DUKE DRIVE 
  • Park in the 1550 Lot and enter the building from the parking garage 
  • Take the Elevator DOWN to P2
  • Once at P2 take the small flight of stairs up and turn LEFT
  • The studio is at the end of the hall on the RIGHT

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