Hayley's last day IN PERSON in MN will be June 13th 2023. Thank you all for your support in MN

Work 1:1 with Hayley Kava PT, MPT 

1:1 Pelvic Floor Support

 Getting to know you, your story, listening to your concerns, goals, and questions while collaborating with you to create a plan for your needs is my passion. 

I work with clients both virtually from all over,  and in person in St. Louis Park Minnesota AND NOW  Minneapolis MN 

I always offer FREE 15 minute discovery calls with prospective clients to see if my services are right for you, or to help you find the right provider for your care!

I also have a menu of different offerings and packages for both in person, and virtual clients that you can check out below! 

Hayley's Schedule /All Offerings

St. Louis Park, MN

Hayley will continue to see clients both in person and virtually at  that the Beautiful "Studio U" at the Shops of West End in St. Louis Park.

You are also welcome to schedule "by appointment" if calendar times do not work fo you

Click Below to Schedule at STUDIO U 

NEW PRICES as of June 1 2022

Initial Evaluation: $200 - 90 mins 

Follow-up: $150- 60 mins 

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Minneapolis, MN

Hayley is so excited that she will now be offering 1:1 PT sessions at YESS YOGA in the Whittier neighborhood, Minneapolis. This beautiful space sets the perfect backdrop for your healing journey 

Hayley will see clients here in person or virtually

Click below to schedule at YESS

NEW PRICES as of June 1 2022

Initial Evaluation: $200 - 90 mins 

Follow-Up: $150 - 60 mins 

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Virtual Pelvic Wellness

Pelvic Wellness Sessions are for those living OUTSIDE Minnesota or North Carolina

Pelvic Wellness in intended to provide individualized programming, education and support but not to diagnose or treat any specific medical diagnosis 

NEW PRICES as of June 1 2022

Initial Session: $150 -60 mins 

Follow-Up Session: $120 - 60 mins

Virtual Sessions can be scheduled at ANY LOCATION  

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Professional Mentoring

I work with pelvic therapists, and those who work in the pelvic health space in any capacity both 1:1 and in my quarterly mentorship group to help them increase their confidence and skill working clients who have pelvic floor problems. 

If you are looking for 1:1 Mentorship Please contact Hayley directly at: [email protected] 

The April 2023 Mentorship is now closed- please reach out to Hayley if you'd like to work 1:1 


PCS orders are NOT official YET...

But Hayley will NOT be seeing IN PERSON Clients in Minneapolis and St. Louis Park MN locations after JUNE 15th 2023

Hayley will not be accepting any NEW IN PERSON CLIENTS 

Virtual Sessions will not be impacted by this change 

MN community, I have been HONORED to serve you all and I so appreciate your support as the military takes our family on our next adventure! 

Below are my local  (MN) therapy  recommendations 

MN Pelvic Floor Therapists

"Hayley is awesome. Her expertise is amazing! Nothing is taboo. If you have questions, she has answers! "

Pelvic Health Mentorship Group Member

"I had seen 4 different pelvic PTs for my stubborn situation before I took the plunge and signed up with online sessions with Hayley. I learned brand new things with her, and I had been doing self research for many years. She treats the body as a whole and is able to pinpoint things most standard PTs don't have time for. She is also incredibly patient with questions, and never makes you feel dumb for asking something. When you're in a session with Hayley, you're her top priority, she never makes you feel rushed. This is very important as pelvic floor issues can be very anxiety inducing. Highly recommend! "

Pelvic Wellness Client

"The best, clearest advice and explanations - and super funny - Hayley is the real deal- check out the podcast too Don’t Beat Around The Bush"


"Consistently helpful information. I have benefited greatly from Hayley’s website, podcast, and Instagram content. I’m an “experienced” mama to seven, but still learn new, and extremely useful, postpartum pelvic floor recovery techniques from Hayley! Highly recommend following and utilizing her content"


"Hayley amazing! She is extremely knowledgable in this field and very personable and kind. She is ground breaking with her techniques and ability to truly help her students and clients. I have learned so much and I love working with her!"

Pelvic Health PTA

"I cannot say enough fantastic things about Hayley. I found her after going through postpartum pf pt with someone else and was left with the same pain and told that they didn’t know what was causing it even after finishing their allowed 6 weeks. Fast forward to finding Hayley and within 2 appointments, I was relatively pain free and things just kept getting better. I became pregnant again and used her throughout the pregnancy and postpartum period. Let me tell you, that this pregnancy was night in day in comparison from my first. I was so much more active and pain free, which is a lifesaver when you’re chasing after a toddler during a pandemic. I still use the tips and tricks that she has taught me every day and I’m 14 months postpartum with my second. She truly is such an amazing person and a lifesaver."

Pelvic Floor PT Client

"Hayley is the most informed practitioner I've ever met on the issues surrounding female anatomy and, particularly for me, challenges that post-menopausal women often face around healthy physical intimacy (I'm 69 years old). She really knows what she is talking about and explains things fully and compassionately, things I never knew until I learned them from her, honestly. Hayley has been a trusted and valuable resource for me since our first session four months ago. I am so, so happy to report that my partner and I are able to enjoy intimate times together in ways I didn't know were even possible at this point in life. Hooray is what I say! And THANK YOU, HAYLEY!"


 Why don't you participate with insurance? 

The long and the short of it is... dealing with health insurance companies is complicated. 

By not participating with insurers I am able to treat YOU the way you NEED to be treated- not how insurance models dictate. 

Due to decreasing reimbursements and the amount of time needed to chase down payments from insurance companies, not participating with these large companies means I can spend more time with you! We can say focused on whats going to make you better as fast as possible. 

You will only ever work with me. One on One. No assistants, technicians or bounced to other therapists who don't know your case. 

High deductibles and misunderstood coverage plans, lapses in authorization,  can mean surprise high bills months later.  Co-payments for sessions multiple times a week for  ineffective treatment may end of costing you far more in time, energy and money in the long term. 

You investment covers your session, but also email summaries, clear exercise programming and tools for ongoing self management at home. 

Pelvic PT and Wellness services are HSA/FSA eligible and I can provide you the appropriate recipts for this, as well as "Superbills" for Physical Therapy Services (not wellness services) that you may submit. However, I cannot guarantee reimbursement 


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