$49.00 USD

Pressure & Tension Level 1 : PDF Download

While I am "out of office" during our move back to North Carolina, I have decided to offer the Pelvic Balance Series "Pressure and Tension" recordings to be available for download outside of our "normal" live class series. 

This download includes: 

  • EIGHT 30 minute classes each progressing your learning and understanding of the pelvic floor, core and how this integrates with the whole body
  • Educational content on the bladder bowel and sexual function and all of the why's behind my methods! 

This series will NOT be associated with a community page, but you are always welcome to ask me questions along the way and I will help out as best I can. 

This offer will ONLY last until I am back in action in North Carolina (July 1) and the series will return to a LIVE format with the community page and it will be PAY WHAT YOU CAN 

I appreciate you supporting my business and family in this transition when I cannot do my regular paid work. 


What People Are Saying:

I had been dealing with some reoccurring pelvic floor/back issues, and then found out I was pregnant again. I never got to where I wanted to be after my first, and shared with a friend that I was worried about this pregnancy and what it would do. She immediately recommended the class - I had been following Hayley on Instagram for a couple years and was really excited to work directly with her. Wow. This class has been amazing. I was only able to attend a few sessions in person but the pdf/recordings were super easy to follow on days I had time. I already feel a big difference in how I hold myself and what postures are helping vs hurting. I am so much more aware and feel more confident that with continued practice I will be far more prepared for delivery in 6 months. Thank you so much for offering it!!! I’m in a remote location with no other access to pelvic floor therapy so this virtual class has been wonderful.

P&T Student

I'm a year postpartum from my first baby (long 2nd degree tear) and still dealing with some pelvic dysfunction symptoms and feeling unsure how to workout without causing damage. I got so much out of this class!! The biggest thing I didn't expect is that my low back feels so much better, it was so tight before. My bladder symptoms are noticably better as well. Overall I'm feeling more comfortable, more confident, and much more self-aware of my breathing and pelvic floor. This is the first time in my life that I've felt connected to my pelvic floor and really understood how it works. THANK YOU!!!

P&T Student