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Pee Like a Pro Webinar

Based on the buzz of a recent viral reel. Seems like we have some work to do on educating about how our bladder works and how to "pee like a pro" 

Whether you have leaking with cough/sneezes, pee a zillion times a day or night or have intense urges that have you worried you aren't going to make it to the bathroom, this 90 min webinar is for you! 

Hayley Kava PT, MPT, PRC is a pelvic floor therapist who is passionate about educating all people about their essential bodily functions. Hayley will bring, the info, and the fun as well as all the tools you know you need to take back control of your bladder, and probably a few you didn't 

In this session we will cover anatomy and physiology of the bladder, how the pelvic floor AND nervous system is essential for it's function as well as a library of exercises that will support your journey to  peeing like a pro!  


LIVE SESSION is FRIDAY September 29th at 1pm EST 

Recording will be sent out AFTER The live event 

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