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In Person Physical Therapy

and Virtual Pelvic Wellness Packages


Pelvic Floor and Pelvic Wellness Packages are now Here! 

I don't know why it took me so long to do this!

But right in time for the Holidays! 

You can now purchase Pelvic Floor PT (MN/NC)


Pelvic Wellness Packages (Everywhere Else)

Packages include 10%  off all services.

You can also purchase these packages as a GIFT! 

What an incredible baby shower gift, or holiday surprise that will definitely arrive on time!  

Want to Know if We are a Good "Fit" 


Building the highest quality therapeutic relationships, to me, is paramount. Especially when it comes to pelvic health it's important to both feel confident in your providers skill set, but also in how you connect with them. 

This is part of why I try to "keep it real" on the 'gram. It's also why I offer 15 min FREE phone calls for anyone interested in ANY of my offerings. 

Packages, single sessions, in person, virtual, or even my educational content/webinars. 

I'd love to chat more about how I can be a part of your healing journey 

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