Masterclasses with Hayley Kava PT, MPT

"Navigating New Beginnings" 

Perinatal Mental Health  Masterclass  with Jena Garee MA, LMFT  

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Do you often find yourself saying “part of me thinks this or part of me feels that”? Then in the next moment another part thinks or feels the opposite? This can be confusing as you work to move through the many decisions that arise in life…much less while trying to get pregnant, experiencing pregnancy and childbirth, and all that comes with bringing a child into this world.

This webinar offers a deeper look inside at these questions through the lens of Internal Family Systems (IFS). IFS is a model of therapy that is integrative between mind and body, is evidenced based, and is honoring to all parts of you.

Information during our time together will bring attention and clarity to the impact the (parts of us) have on our everyday functioning and decision making. We will focus on the new beginnings introduced by pregnancy and birth, as well as the time of adjustment parents experience after welcoming a child into their family.

There will be an introduction to how stress and trauma can impact our system and have lasting effects on our physical and emotional functioning. We will cover common physiological and psychological responses to stress, new adjustments, and even grief you may be experiencing at this time. Finally, we will talk about some techniques and practices to implement to help you navigate these seasons in life.

"Train with Your Cycle" 

Learn to Optimize Training and Pelvic Health Though Understanding your Menstrual Cycle

Guest Expert Addie Holzmann DPT, PRC

September 12th 8PM EST 


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