Hayley's last day IN PERSON in MN will be June 13th 2023. Thank you all for your support in MN

Masterclasses with Hayley Kava PT, MPT

Thoracic Pressures and Mobility for Pelvic Health Professionals 


Pressure Pressure Pressure 

We all hear it... We all know it's "important", but do we "really" understand it? 


In this 90 minute webinar my aim is: 

  • Review Essential Thoracic , Spinal Abdominal and Pelvic Floor Anatomy
  • Discuss the Physiology of Intra Plural, Intra Thoracic and Trans Pulmonary Pressures and their impact on Intra Abdominal and Pelvic Pressure 
  • Learn how to assess these pressures in clients 
  • Learn how to INTEGRATE your new knowledge of ITP into your pelvic floor caseload MONDAY 

You will also get a sneak peak inside my 12 week mentorship program and receive an exclusive offer if you choose to dive in and join the group! 

 RECORDING WILL BE AVAILABLE for download for 7 days following the LIVE EVENT 

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Past Expert Webinars

Webinars from some of my favorite experts are now available to download and enjoy on your own schedule!

Mind-Body Management of Pelvic Pain  

Recording Now Available 

In this 90 min webinar pelvic health expert Lindsay Dorka OTR/L discusses how utilizing a mind-body approach is KEY for healing pelvic pain. This is SO much MORE than "just breathe" or "just meditate". Lindsay will review how using pain reprocessing techniques, brain based drills and nervous system calming strategies is a MUST when overcoming pain. 

Recording will be available 

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Train With Your Cycle Masterclass 

Addie Holzmann DPT, PRC teaches a 90 min webinar all about our hormones, cycle and how we can set ourselves up for success by working WITH vs AGAINST our natural rhythms 

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Perinatal Mental Health Masterclass 

Using an Internal Family Systems model, Jena Garee MA, LMFT give incredible insights into the transitions to parenthood and how we can reframe our experience  

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