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Pee Like a Pro Webinar


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  • Whether you have leaking with cough/sneezes, pee a zillion times a day or night or have intense urges that have you worried you aren't going to make it to the bathroom, this 90 min webinar is for you! 

  • Hayley will bring, the info, and the fun as well as all the tools you need to take back control of your bladder

  • In this session we will cover anatomy and physiology of the bladder, how the pelvic floor AND nervous system is essential for it's function as well as a library of exercises that will support your journey to  peeing like a pro!  

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Prolapse Webinar with Mamastefit

Due to POPULAR demand we have made the prolapse webinar that was originally hosted by mamastefit available for purchase! 

It was our MOST popular webinar ever and the feedback has been fantastic. 

I truly believe there is SO MUCH hope for those dealing with prolapse and my hope is that with this webinar you can move forward with this diagnosis confidently and armed with the most up to date information! 

Prolapse Webinar

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