Calm, Confident and In Control 

In just 4 weeks? 

Working in the pelvic health space is scary. 

You are helping people work through some of the most difficult and intimate things in their life. 

What I have found over the last few years of integrating all sorts of skills,  is that having a strong framework for evaluation and treatment is essential. 

Having a community of support behind you is a close second. 

My goal in this small mentorship group is to do both! 

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Pre- Group Learning

Prior to the start of our live sessions you will receive access to a number of pre-record information sessions 

They will contain basic core, pelvic floor anatomy, physiology and biomechanics that will help us all  talk the same "language" and start on the same page. 

Whether you have been in the pelvic health space for years, or are just getting your feet wet I think the review will be helpful! 

4 LIVE Meetings

We will meet 1x/week on zoom for 2 hours

We will cover anatomy, physiology, assessments, getting outside the pelvis, specific conditions and LOADS of exercise

We will review cases, questions and clinical pearls that will help us in practice tomorrow!

you will get some "homework" each week to help support you understanding of the concepts 

The Dates/Times for Our LIVE Zoom Meetings are as follows: 

Monday Jan 10th 9:30 EST

Monday January 17th 09:30 EST

Monday January 24th 09:30 EST 

Monday Jan 31st 09:30 EST 

Recordings will be available immediately after sessions

If we have enough for 2 groups of small meetings and another time is desired this can be discussed! 

1:1 Meetings

This is totally new for 2.0 but something I am so excited about. This will give you direct 1:1 time to chat with me about ANYTHING YOU WANT! 

Clinical, Business, Professional

If gives me the chance to better connect with each of you and continue to make this group better and better! 

Once you register for the group I will send out a calendar to get our first 1:1 session on the books! 

Casual Sunday

Another new addition to the group is a weekly informal meeting on Sunday afternoons/evenings

This will be great additional time for networking, discussions and collaboration on difficult cases 

Weekly Meeting Topics

We will begin this first session with history taking and information gathering with a pelvic health perspective. 

We will discuss concepts of motivational interviewing and trauma informed care 

This session we will also begin honing in our observational skills and the "global" exam 

In week 2 is our deep dive into the biomechanics of the pelvis, and thorax. 

We will learn both "normal" and the typical deviations of the normal biomechanics of the pelvic and thoracic containers.   We will also begin how to evaluate these mechanics, and what this could mean for understanding all of your clients concerns 

In week three we will continue to refine our assessment skills and begin to turn into creating treatment plans based on our findings 

In our final week we will continue to expand on our knowledge and library of corrective exercise and begin to weave these concepts into daily living activities, workouts, effective home program creation in order to get your clients feeling in control and independent faster 

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Praise for Pelvic Health Pro's Mentorship 1.0

You know you want to learn, connect with other amazing professionals, and get re-energized in your work. You know you have so many amazing skills to offer your clients, but you feel like you're missing a sense of community and support to help "put it all together" . You're thinking about joining the January 2.0 Small Mentorship Group- But want to hear from a past member first? Here you go!


"I participated in Hayleys pelvic health professional mentoring program in October 2021. It was excellent! I really appreciated the anatomy review of all of the muscles that attach to the pelvis outside of the pelvic floor. It was so important to remember those large muscles and how they influence what the pelvis and the pelvic floor are doing. Other things we discussed were alignment and the importance of rib and thoracic mobility, breathing and diaphragm function, pelvic floor dysfunction inside an asymmetrical body, and diastasis recti. I learned some new assessment tools and treatment strategies that will be really helpful for my prenatal and postpartum population. I would highly recommend this mentoring group to anyone in the pelvic health field! "

Kristin Hietbrink, PT
Physical Therapist @coreconnectpt

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