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"I participated in Hayleys pelvic health professional mentoring program in October 2021. It was excellent! I really appreciated the anatomy review of all of the muscles that attach to the pelvis outside of the pelvic floor. It was so important to remember those large muscles and how they influence what the pelvis and the pelvic floor are doing. Other things we discussed were alignment and the importance of rib and thoracic mobility, breathing and diaphragm function, pelvic floor dysfunction inside an asymmetrical body, and diastasis recti. I learned some new assessment tools and treatment strategies that will be really helpful for my prenatal and postpartum population. I would highly recommend this mentoring group to anyone in the pelvic health field! "

Kristin Hietbrink, PT
Physical Therapist @coreconnectpt

""Hayley is inspiring, incredibly motivating and relentless in her pursuit of helping others challenge traditional concepts that have long been accepted as the "status quo" of pelvic health rehabilitation. The application of the concepts that I learned in her mentorship program have completely revolutionized my approach to patient care. Since completing her program, I have gotten some of the best patient outcomes and feedback of my 12 year career. I truly believe that when we know better, we do better. I have no doubt that after completing her program you will feel more capable, confident and motivated to help this incredibly unique patient population that we are so privileged to treat" "

Dr. Julie Baron, DPT
Physical Therapist @drjuliebaron

"Working with Hayley has been absolutely amazing and has completely changed the way I practice. Hayley is not only incredibly knowledgeable but funny, down to earth, and relatable. I feel so much more confident working with my patients because I have a better understanding of why a person is having their pelvic floor symptoms. I also now have great ways to help my patients achieve their goals. Hayley utilizes a Postural Restoration framework to help you learn how to globally assess a patient, what those assessment findings indicate, and then how to treat them. Postural Restoration concepts can be challenging to understand but Hayley presented them in an easily digestible way. I’ve taken a lot of pelvic health courses and have frequently left them feeling like I was given all of this "what" type of information but not the "why" or the "how". Hayley has helped bridge that gap for me. I highly recommend her mentorship program for any clinician working in the pelvic health field! You will not regret it!"

Lindsay Dorka MOT, OTR/L, PCES, CLC
Occupational Therapist @anchorpelvichealth

"I am amazed at how much a difference it has made in my clinical decision-making and client outcomes just to have that confidence in pelvic floor concepts and cues! Ever since taking the course I have had an influx of pelvic floor clients. Some who knew that was their issue and some that didn't! I must say "Thank you Hayley" like 5 times a day!"

Kristin Spencer PT, PRC
Physical Therapist @prosper_pt

"“I took Hayley’s mentorship program in April 2022 and it was one of the best things I could have done to progress my clinical skills as a pelvic floor PT. I felt I hit a plateau with treatment. I reached out to Hayley and she was so encouraging, supportive and passionate herself I knew that her mentorship could offer what I needed. What she teaches about the body and about the pelvic floor is different than anything I’ve really ever learned. It has changed my clinical practice and has improved my confidence in my skills. And not only is she an amazing clinical mentor she also gave me much needed guidance in starting my own PT business. This mentorship also allowed me to meet many other amazing clinicians and be a part of a pelvic PT community. I am so grateful I had this opportunity and will continue to grow into a better PT because if it.”"

Dr. Lia Palomino PT, DPT
Physical Therapist @mipelvicrehab

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