Want to take back control of your pelvic floor?

Come on in, take a breath, and let me show you how! 

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You deserve quality pelvic health care and education that meets you where you are

Pelvic Floor PT is far more than "kegels" see below what a pelvic health PT may be able to support you with


Take control your pee, poop, and gas no matter the activity  

Pregnancy and Post Partum

Comfortable, strong pregnancies.  Empowered births,  and efficient and informed post partum recoveries are possible with the right support 

Better Sex

Not JUST Pain-free, but enjoyable sex is possible 


Physical Therapy and Wellness

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Hayley works with clients virtually 


in person in Minneapolis MN

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The Pelvic Balance Series 

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Online Courses

Hayley currently offers "at your own pace" courses online.

Currently she has a perineal massage guide, as well as a sexual position guide online.

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Professional Mentoring

Hayley LOVES working with other passionate pelvic health pros.

She currently offers 1:1 Professional Mentorship for Pelvic Health Therapists or those working in the pelvic health space looking to take a more integrative approach to treatment

Stay tuned an updated mentorship group model coming this FALL 



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No person will ever feel alone, ashamed or unaware about the vital functions of their pelvic floor. All people will have access to high quality education, and support for their pelvic health concerns. They will be empowered to seek treatment for their concerns and this treatment will be effective and accessible to them.

Check out Hayley's  podcast that she hosts with good friend and fellow pelvic floor physical therapist  Addie Holzmann 

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