Why I Don't Participate with Insurance Companies

Gosh, this is such a hard thing for me, But I will do my best to explain here

As a military spouse who has great insurance coverage, and Canadian who grew up with universal health care, this decision is not one that I make lightly. 

When I started "Hayley Kava PT" and was setting my "mission", to me it was simple. 

"No person should feel alone when dealing with pelvic floor problems" 

Doing that... slightly more complicated.

 What it comes down to for me is 

  1.   Doing the ABSOLUTE BEST that I can with EVERY SINGLE CLIENT that I see 1:1 
  2.  Having the time, energy and resources in order to create as much free content and resources as I can, for those who cannot access 1:1 care
  3.  Pursue my passion of educating other professionals to ensure we have far more pelvic health pro's doing this good work

So, that Hayley Kava PT is ALWAYS pushing towards that "Big Bold Mission" up top. 


As a military family, moving states every few years, the type of brick and mortar I would need to support an insurance based practice just didn't make sense. 

Going "in network" takes months to get authorized, and the amount of hours that goes into meeting all the the different requirements of different companies, would take so much time and energy away from that BIG BOLD MISSION. 

By not participating with insurers I am able to treat YOU the way you NEED to be treated- not how insurance models dictate. 

Decreasing reimbursements,  and the amount of time needed to chase down payments from insurance companies, not participating with these large companies means I can spend more time with you! We can say focused on whats going to make you better as fast as possible.You investment covers your session, but also email summaries, clear exercise programming and tools for ongoing self management at home. You will only ever work with me. One on One. No assistants, technicians or bounced to other therapists who don't know your case. 

High deductibles and misunderstood coverage plans, lapses in authorization,  or denied coverage all together. can mean surprise high bills months later.  Co-payments for sessions multiple times a week for  ineffective treatment may end of costing you far more in time, energy and money in the long term. 

In this model I can be as transparent as possible. You know what you're getting, and for what. For right now, that feels best to me. 

If you live in NC or MN I can provide you with a "Superbill" for your services. I cannot guarantee reimbursement, but it is available. 

You may use your HSA for PT. I will also always provide you with a "Super Bill" as your invoice which will include everything you need to submit to your insurance company to seek reimbursement. However, I cannot guarantee reimbursement. 


I hope this little summary helps you understand why Hayley Kava PT operates the way it does. I would be happy to answer any questions you have about this model anytime! 


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