My Prolapse Story

Ive been asked to share this a few times, so here it is.

Prolapse is never our fault, and talking through and sharing my story has been very helpful I hope it can help you too! 



I started running when my son, Kamea (now 4) was 4 weeks old. 

I was struggling to process his...

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Pelvic PT Mentorship

So, Instagram is "down" today which is forcing me to catch up on a lot of things that Ive gotten a bit behind on. Writing regular blogs being one of them! 

I got into pelvic floor PT a bit "backwards".  I was using postural restoration techniques on all types of clients in an outpatient...

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Perineal Massage... But Better


Hi All! 


I know it's been a while since I wrote a blog post! Sorry about that! 

Moving across the country with two kiddos, and a dog was a bigger undertaking than I imagined. 

This being said, we are now settled in MN and Hayley Kava PT is back in action. I have started...

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