Perineal Massage... But Better


Hi All! 


I know it's been a while since I wrote a blog post! Sorry about that! 

Moving across the country with two kiddos, and a dog was a bigger undertaking than I imagined. 

This being said, we are now settled in MN and Hayley Kava PT is back in action. I have started seeing both in person and virtual clients again, and it is feeling awesome. 

Another major goal I have this year in MN is to start creating even more educational content for you all! So here I am, doing the thing! 

I recorded these videos at our old house in NC, and it made me super nostalgic for "home" and having more than 1 bathroom for a family of 4. 

I never did perineal massage with my older son, Kam, who just turned 4 years old yesterday! Tear. 

I have no way of knowing if doing it in his pregnancy would have had an impact on my birth with him or not, but what I think it would have given me, if not reducing my tear risk, would have been confidence and awareness of my pelvic floor. 

Back then, I was not a pelvic floor PT. Just a "regular" PT and it was how difficult I found recovering from birth, overall, that launched me into this work full time. 

With my second pregnancy I knew I wanted to do things differently and so now with an enhanced understanding of birth biomechanics, pelvic floor biomechanics and in turn perineal prep I came up with a number of strategies and ideas that really helped me. 

You can now find ALL of these strategies and ideas in my perineal massage guide! 


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