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Post Partum Vulvar Dryness

My goal with this blog and with my social channels is to minimize the number of times people say  “Why didn’t anyone tell me about that!” in regards to anything pelvic floor related. 


Today’s “why don’t more people talk about this” topic...

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Why is My Cup Falling Out All The Time?

Ok, as we continue our period week I want to talk about another very common problem in the post partum. 

Cups no longer staying in. 

As always, I find the best advice and isight comes from personal experience, so here we are!

After my first son, I had the opposite problem, My cup would...

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Why I Don't Participate with Insurance Companies

Gosh, this is such a hard thing for me, But I will do my best to explain here

As a military spouse who has great insurance coverage, and Canadian who grew up with universal health care, this decision is not one that I make lightly. 

When I started "Hayley Kava PT" and was setting my...

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