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Why a Mentorship Group?

I am

"Calm, Confident and In Control"

Was an affirmation I learned from the "Gentle Birth App" when I was pregnant with my second child preparing for their birth. 

What I found through using various affirmations, was that I started using this particular affirmation in so many other aspects of my life.

Truly, it was a game changer for me. 

I had been a pelvic floor PT for a few years at this point. I had been practicing PRI even longer than that, and so,  I was confident in my skills as a therapist.I think I have always been a confident person. But I underneath the surface of that confidence there wasn't often calm or control . 

I was running a busy, pelvic floor program. Training other PT's in the techniques and strategies that I was having success with. I loved my work, and my employer. But I could never get to this place of calm, and control under the confidence. This would lead to the weekly overwhelm spiral of getting behind on notes, laundry, cooking, sleep, moving my body, trying to catch up, trying to please everyone and ultimately putting myself last. 


I didn't want to continue getting caught up in the overwhelm, "just getting by" in my pregnancy, in my job and in my LIFE. I wanted, I needed to feel calm and in control too. 

So, I did an insane thing. I left an amazing job, and started my own business.

I started making silly Instagram Reels that people connected with. I became passionate about getting pelvic health info to the masses, and then I got asked to mentor some colleagues. 

We started a small group last year and I just got so so excited to research and teach and grow this educational platform each week. 

When we release what "everyone else" does and dive deep into physiology, anatomy, biomechanics, and neurology,  we can start to put together and understand even the most "complex" of pelvic floor, pregnant or post-partum clients. With this,  we can approach them with the calm, confidence and control you both need so much. 

This group is open to all types of movement and health professionals! We have had PT's,  OT's, Strength Coaches, Yoga and Pilates Instructors, Birth Workers and beyond in the group and I would LOVE to have you join in! 

I'd love to chat more if you have any more questions!

You can get to the JULY GROUP information page HERE 


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