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Help your Bladder Frequency with a Shift of a Hip


Why does a “hip shift” help decrease bladder urgency/frequency.  


Great question! I would LOVE to tell you! 


But it’s going to require some background so bear with me. 


One of the foundational things that I have learned from the Postural...

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Post Partum Vulvar Dryness

My goal with this blog and with my social channels is to minimize the number of times people say  “Why didn’t anyone tell me about that!” in regards to anything pelvic floor related. 


Today’s “why don’t more people talk about this” topic...

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Silicone Based Lube


As part of a short (v)blog series I will cover different types of Lube! I'm starting with Silicone Based Lube but you can catch the rest of the clips on my youtube channel! It would mean a ton if you would subscribe! 



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Chronic Pelvic Pain?... Let's look at it from another angle

If you experience chronic pelvic pain such as:

Bladder pain
Pain with penetration
Vulvar pain
Pain with sitting
Pudendal neuralgia
SI joint pain
Low back pain
Pain related to endometriosis

You MUST have a mind-body component to your healing to truly overcome your pain. So much of our...

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Does pelvic floor muscle "strength" even matter at all?

Does Pelvic Floor Muscle Strength Matter… AT ALL?


We have been hearing for years and years and years that you NEED a strong pelvic floor.


“Do your kegels so you don’t leak pee”


“do your kegels so your vagina doesn’t fall out”


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Lifting Weights and Prolapse

Lifting Weights and Prolapse

The pelvic organ prolapse “world” is rich with fear- and LOW on scientific research.
With 10% of all women having some sort of pelvic organ prolapse surgery in their
lifetime this is not a “niche” issue. It’s a BIG TIME global public health...

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Novel Measure for Prolapse


For my Postural Restoration Certification I had to review a number of Journal Articles and interpret the article through a PRI "lens" I thought this article was too cool not to share. I have edited it from my original submission to make the language a bit more accessible to non-PRI folks...

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Time to Meet Your Menstrual Cycle

I am 33 years old and a pelvic floor specialist. I work with lots of different types of people. But the majority of the people I work with have a menstrual cycle.

I have been experiencing a menstrual cycle since about 13 years old on and off between hormonal birth control and pregnancies and...

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My Prolapse Story

Ive been asked to share this a few times, so here it is.

Prolapse is never our fault, and talking through and sharing my story has been very helpful I hope it can help you too! 



I started running when my son, Kamea (now 4) was 4 weeks old. 

I was struggling to process his...

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Should I strengthen or stretch my pelvic floor?



                                            Should I strengthen or should I lengthen my pelvic floor?

Great question: 

The pendulum in the pelvic floor world has...

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